About Acouwood AB

Acouwood was founded 1 of september 2018 to provide specialised service specifically for the wood industry and for the furniture industry. The wood industry is growing and we will secure that the acoustics in our future buildings correspond to expected quality. We deliver our services based on recent knowledge and have access to advanced software to predict sound insulation.  Acouwood AB is a proud supplier of the software SEAWOOD (www.interac.fr). 

Furniture is a key to provide high quality acoustics in rooms. For that the acoustic characteristics of the products must be correct. Acouwood AB is there as your service provider to secure indoor acoustics by using specific furniture and sound absorbers adapted to each application. More information can be found in acousticfacts.com.

We are a team of dedicated acousticians and researchers promoting the use of wood in buildings  to secure a sustainable future. Additionally, Acouwood AB is working together with a fantastic network of wood engineers and indoor designers to secure the best delivery for our clients.

We have offices in Lund and UmeƄ and cover a large geographic area with our services, such as

- Acoustic calculations for Wood structures (CLT structures or beam Constructions)

- measurements on site

- education 

- Software sales (SEAWOOD) and training


SEAWOOD - A powerful software for calculations of different Wood structures 

Acouwood AB - for a sustainable future and a quiet environment